Why is apple so much better than android

Thru out iOS there so much wasted space. If Apple can have a similar ui scale that Android N has. It'll be great. I'm not blind so I lower the text size to the lowest but that barely made a difference. While on Android I can lower the font and the scale of the UI. The lock screen again with the terrible giant notification rectangles. Hey music

Why does the iPhone need so much less RAM than Android devices? When comparing an iPhone to other Android powered flagship phones, one thing that tends to stand out, is the significant difference in the RAM storage of the devices. As a result, most people conclude that iPhone needs less RAM or that Android apps hog storage space. But does Android really use more RAM than iOS ? RAM. The first

Both Android and iOS have some advantages as well as some disadvantages over one another. In this article we are going to discuss what Apple’s iOS has that Android lacks. 10. AirPlay. This application is only useful for people who own more than one Apple devices. Through this application video streaming is done by just tapping on the screen

19 Jul 2018 That's another reason Apple's DACs are so much better than the (basically) generic ones included on most Android phones. They've been  17 Apr 2019 It has so many functions that it deserves its own section. It is exclusive for Apple devices, and although it does not have as much customization as  11 Oct 2017 iPhone users tend to spend 3x as much as Android users, according to What better place to start than that tale of Apple users spending more  4 Feb 2019 But Google and Apple have borrowed so much from each other over it's going to work much better with an iPhone than an Android phone. 10 Mar 2018 It estimates that over the past two years Apple's iOS loyalty rate has been 85% to 88% However, since Android has a much larger install base and sells more Android has better loyalty but bleeds more users than iOS. 16 Apr 2013 Oftentimes, a story will declare that Android is beating iOS or that iOS is In the fourth quarter of 2012, Android had more than 70 percent share, vs. HTC and Motorola, either broke even or lost money — which is why Apple  16 Nov 2014 As it turns out, an iPhone 6 with 1GB of RAM runs much faster than a on Quora, iOS devices run better than Android devices with twice the 

be difficult. Learn the difference between iOS vs Android apps. I'll even show you a way that allows you to launch on both platforms simultaneously. Here's what So in general, Apple devices are more expensive than Android devices. Apple and Android batteries can be compared by both hardware specs and so you'd be tempted to conclude that Android battery life is always better than iOS Clearly, standby mode should drain the battery much slower than any other use  Switch from Android to iPhone for the great cameras, fast performance, and And that starts as soon as you turn it on. And the camera just keeps getting better. We can even connect your new iPhone to your carrier in store or online. 15 Aug 2019 Few match-ups in tech get bigger than this – the one involving that iOS is Apple's mobile OS for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. But the Android vs iPhone debate is now just a part of a much bigger Google vs Apple  Are Apple iPhones better than Samsung mobile phones? It may not be as much as of a behemoth as Android but iOS is owned by Apple, meaning that the  

Apple makes so much profit from iPhone that it has made Apple the richest company in the world. There is no doubt that for most people iPhone is unnecessarily expensive phone. Why spend over a thousand dollars when you can buy a similar Android device in the range of US $150? However, if you can afford a US $1000 phone, iPhone is a good choice. 9. Map for GPS is Better in Android. Google Maps Why Do People Keep Buying the iPhone? - Better … So here is the question: How is the iPhone a fast-selling product every year even though there is not much difference between the new versions? If you think in terms of how Apple makes their sale Why Android is better than iPhone: Android vs iOS If you’re an avid Android user, surely you’ve thought about why Android is better than iPhone. Yes, we’re going there. Android vs iOS. It’s a topic that elicits some strong opinions. Unreasonably strong, some might argue. First, let’s just get this out of the way: there isn’t much you can do on Android that you […] Why do iPhones have less RAM than Android … Some of the best Android smartphones have RAM has high as 8GB.Some have 10GB of RAM.There are Ben some gaming smartphones that sport 12GB of RAM.Apple iPhones, on the other hand, do not requires these much RAM to function properly or to be rated the fastest phones in the world.The iPhone XS Max, Apple’s biggest phone, uses only 4GB of RAM.

Of course apple is better than android i have an apple and android and by far Apple is much better than Samsung because well, it has better quality and as 

10 Reasons iPhones are Better than Android … 30/01/2018 · 10 Reasons iPhones are Better than Android Phones (2018) - In this video I share with you reasons in 2018 why based on using iPhone and Android phones for quite some time why I … Switch from Android to iPhone - Apple Why do people love the camera so much? iPhone delivers the best camera experience in a smartphone. And the camera just keeps getting better. Portrait mode creates a depth-of-field effect so your subjects really pop. Portrait Lighting lets you choose from cool effects that make your shot more dramatic. iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro take it even further by letting you shoot the highest quality Why is iPhone So Much Better Than Android When …

Get your kid a phone android or Apple when they turn 14 Apple iPhones are supported it effects me as ik im missing out on so much at school and with my friends . (I was doing way better than other kids and turned down offers to join but I 

10 May 2020 However, Apple's iPhone 11, iPhone X, and even the iPhone SE (2020) adopted wireless charging and fast charging, so they're not that far 

Why because iPhone just calls for a reason to hack it’s a challenge ,no one wants to hack Android phones , so while I keep enjoying 1000nits of brightness in the sun and manual pics which looks miles ahead of apple , sure u got an Almighty iPhone but since apple keeps everything so lock down that why I can build and overclocked computer that will run circles around the best Mack with dual

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